Holly Clothier Textile Artist

UK based textile artist, specialising in textile sculpture.

My basket is full of pretty homemade bags :3
Je regret starting 27 bags! #sewingproblems
Time for some hat labeling! Excited for the Space Centre Creator Faire in September!
My new best friend and the solution to all my problems #lovesewing #sewingproblems
Knitting and planning…
Trip wasn’t entirely wasted. Knitting AND seeing supplies = lots of fun, but no money :/
And I’m gone! No more stressy dresses :). Thanks to Deepa and Ruth for my card and trinket! Miss you girls (at Leicester Oadby)
C’est Fin. Barnacles and all
Knitted Narwhal! He just needs some eyes adding then he is finished :) (at LCB Depot)
Ju picked a fight with the sprinkler and unsurprisingly came off worse #selfwaterfight