Holly Clothier Textile Artist

UK based textile artist, specialising in textile sculpture.

Knitted Narwhal! He just needs some eyes adding then he is finished :) (at LCB Depot)
Ju picked a fight with the sprinkler and unsurprisingly came off worse #selfwaterfight
BBQ time! #summerdays
Colourful wardrobe. Can’t wait to wear all of these to my new job! #seedcreativity (at 95HG)
The fox and polar bear…
Making myself another little knitted friend…
Black coffee and strawberries for breakfast #yum
I knitted a polar bear <3
Courgette fritters! Made with the homegrown courgettes I was given :) one more left over for tomorrow!
Super excited for homegrown courgette dinner! Big thank you to Dan for these beauts #delicious (at Leicester City Centre)